1. Chicken Mayonnaise
    Diced chicken breast blended creamy mayonnaise
  2. Coronation Chicken
    Prime diced chicken breast blended with a lightly spiced mayonnaise and plump sultanas.
  3. Chicken Tikka
    Cooked chicken breast blended with Tikka style Yogurt mint sauce. (No Mayonnaise )
  4. Jerk Chicken
    Spicy chicken in special Jamaican herbs and spices. (No Mayonnaise)
  5. Pir-Pir Chicken
    A spicy chicken in a hot Piri Piri sauce. No Mayonnaise
  6. Italian Chicken
    Cooked Chicken breast in italian style sauce with peppers. no mayoonaise
  1. Chinese Chicken
    chicken breast coated in a delicious Chinese style sauce. No Mayonnaise
  2. Cubanna Chicken Mix
    A fusion of chicken, spicy sausage, cheese and Jalapeno peppers in a creamy spicy mayo sauce.
  3. Reggae Chicken
    Cooked chicken breast coated in a delicious spicy hot Reggae mayo sauce with peppers.
  4. Chicken Honey And Mustard Mix
    Cooked chicken breast bound in a delicious wholegrain mustard & honey mayonnaise dressing.
  5. Chicken, Bacon,Mushroom And Spring Onion
    chicken breast, cooked crispy bacon, sliced mushroom and spring onion bound in real mayonnaise.
  6. Lemon Pepper Chicken
    Prime chicken breast blended with a tangy lemon pepper mayonnaise.
  1. Aromatic Duck
    Tender marinated duck in a Hoi Sin sauce with and spring onion.
  2. Pulled Pork
    Try our new tender pulled pork, in our great blend of sweet BBQ sauce.
  3. Turkey Mix
    Roast turkey diced, sausage, bacon, cranberry andmayonnaise
  4. B.B.Q. Sausage
    Sliced Cumberland sausage coated in a tasty smokey barbecue sauce mix. (No Mayonnaise)
  1. Roast Lamb And Mint
    Roasted lamb in a delicious mint and cranberry mix.
  2. Lousianna Beef
    Strips of roasted beef in and Southern barbeque sauce.
  3. Salt Beef Mix
    Salt beef in a crunchy mustard and dill mayo mix.
  4. Beef And Stilton Mix
    Diced cooked beef with crumbed Stilton blended with creamy mayonnaise.
  1. Mozzarella, Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil Mix
    Grated Mozzarella cheese, lush sun-dried tomatoes, blended with real mayonnaise mix.
  2. Brie, Bacon And walnut Mix
    Delicious ripe Brie, cooked bacon and walnut bound In mayonnaise mix.
  3. Brie And Cranberry
    Delicious creamy Brie with cranberry sauce.
  4. Cheese Spring Onion Mayonnaise Mix
    Cheddar cheese blended with real mayonnaise and fresh diced spring onion mix.
  5. Cheddar Cheese And Ham
    Mature Cheddar cheese, tangy pickle or Salad Cream, Mayonnaise or English mustard
  1. Brie And Roasted Vegetables
    Creamy Brie with roasted vegetables.
  2. Goats Cheese And Roasted Vegetables
    Delicious goats cheese with roasted vegetables
  3. Goats Cheese And Balsamic Onion
    Delicious goats cheese with roasted Balsamic onion relish if required.
  4. Brie, Bacon Cranberry Mix
    Delicious ripe Brie, cooked bacon and cranberry bound In mayonnaise mix..
  1. Goat Cheese,Rocket And Pesto
  1. Roast Vegetable And Mozzarella Cheese
    Roast Vegetables and mozzarella cheese
  1. Smoked Salmon
    smoked salmon, lemon juice & black pepper.
  1. Tuna Mayonnaise
    Tuna with delicious real mayonnaise
  2. Tuna Sun-dried Tomato a
    Tuna blended with real mayonnaise, sun-dried tomatoes
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  1. Prawn Mayonnaise
    Coldwater prawns blended with real mayonnaise
  1. Cream Cheese And Smoked Salmon
    Delicious cream cheese with smoked salmon, lemon juice & black pepper.
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